I went through several stages of burnout, each time thinking I now understand what it’s like, only to discover there are more levels. How deep does burnout go?
PS: The Aspergian is now called NeuroClastic. We were recently asked by Terra from the Aspergian to become a contributor to their platform, and we are happy to join them. You may now call us the Embracian (I’m kidding). United Indeed, we have a platfor...
When we internalize people’s judgments, we often develop the belief that we are not good enough, bad, or unlovable. Here I explore the concept of self-judgment.
Here is Sensory Sunday, a day where we focus on our sensory differences, and ask a question (on Sunday) about your sensory experience. Today’s question is: What’s one thing about your sensory experience that you wish you would have known sooner?
In this post, I describe my experiences of three types of overwhelm relating to autism: sensory overload, a meltdown, and a shutdown.
Sensory overload is part of the experience of having autism, and one of the reasons why many of us tend to seclude ourselves.