Shawna courtesy the author.[image: Woman with braided hair and purple glasses is bent over a notebook with a character sheet for "Veri Truestone." There are various dice around her, a rainbow set, a cerami...
In this post, we explain what has kept us from posting for over a month, and talk about our personal lives, including how two autistics deal with their garden.
While men are readily diagnosed with autism, autistic women tend to get diagnosed only when their autistic traits are significantly and visibly debilitating.
“You don’t have real autism” and “Everyone thinks they are on the spectrum now” is what many female autistics frequently hear. Why is our autism often denied?
Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht: An old friend asked me when we could get together for a dinner. “Upcoming May” was my response, which gives you some idea of how much I like socializing.
Recent research suggests that autistic people are nearly twice as likely to develop a substance use disorder, and are prone to addiction in general.