Jess Hudginssawfishladyblog.wordpress.comContent note: This essay discusses death, disordered eating, and suicidality.The Beginning On January 11th 2021, at 10:20pm, my father died. My heightened sensitivity to sensory input decided to record all ...
In an interview on MindBodyRadio, Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht RP ND talks about trauma, somatization, autism, double empathy, and her clinical practice.
Despite anecdotal reports of a high rate of PTSD among autistic people, research has long overlooked the link between autism and PTSD, until now.
While men are readily diagnosed with autism, autistic women tend to get diagnosed only when their autistic traits are significantly and visibly debilitating.
“You don’t have real autism” and “Everyone thinks they are on the spectrum now” is what many female autistics frequently hear. Why is our autism often denied?